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10 March 2020Lawrence of Arabia: Excavating a Legend
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08 September 2020Provenance Matters: the mass faking of the Russian Avant Garde on the world art market 2000-2018
13 October 2020The Glamour Years: Jewellery and fashion 1929 to 1959
10 November 2020Food in Art
08 December 2020In need of Nativity – social history of the favourite Biblical scene

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Lawrence of Arabia: Excavating a Legend Dr Neil Faulkner Tuesday 10 March 2020

This  lecture will contrast the legend of Lawrence of Arabia with the true story of what happened in the famous desert war 1916 to 1918. Is the legend a myth? Was Lawrence a liar and a charlatan? Or was he, in fact, a brilliant military commander and a sincere advocate of the Arab national cause?