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12 November 2019Mars and the Muses: the Renaissance Art of Armour
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09 June 2020The Most Exalted and Prodigal Magnificence: Filippo Brunelleschi and the Dome of Santa Maria Del Fiore
08 September 2020Provenance Matters: the mass faking of the Russian Avant Garde on the world art market 2000-2018
13 October 2020The Glamour Years: Jewellery and fashion 1929 to 1959
10 November 2020Food in Art
08 December 2020In need of Nativity – social history of the favourite Biblical scene

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Mars and the Muses: the Renaissance Art of Armour Tobias Capwell Tuesday 12 November 2019

Armour was one of the great Renaissance art-forms. This lecture is an introduction to the idea of armour as an expressive art-form, where the achievements of virtuoso armourers embodied splendour and richness while also carrying more complex messages about status, aristocratic associations, the social order and divine power.