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10 March 2020Lawrence of Arabia: Excavating a Legend
11 February 2020The Prince Regent and his Collecting Mania
11 February 2020The Prince Regent and his Collecting Mania
14 January 2020Classical Gardens: A New Perspective
10 December 2019Celebrate, rejoice, rise up! Johann Sebastian Bach’s glorious Christmas Oratorio
12 November 2019Mars and the Muses: the Renaissance Art of Armour
08 October 2019AGM followed by: People, Places and Piazzas. The Life and Art of Charles H. Mackie
10 September 2019Diocletian’s Palace at Split
11 June 2019Earthly Sciences of the Renaissance
14 May 2019The Art of the Steal: Nazi looting in WW II
09 April 2019The Coterie: Children of the Souls
12 March 2019The Victorian House around the world
12 February 2019The Scots in Eighteenth-Century Rome: Artists, Antiquarians and Art Dealers
08 January 2019The Silk Road and the Great Buddha of Nara
11 December 2018Medical Gold: From Ancient Egypt to the Nobel Prize
13 November 2018Les Parisiennes: How women lived, loved and died in Paris 1939-49
09 October 2018The Punch and Judy Show
11 September 201820th Century Scandinavian glass

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Lawrence of Arabia: Excavating a Legend Dr Neil Faulkner Tuesday 10 March 2020

Lawrence of Arabia’ is an early 20th century instance of celebrity culture. Neil will analyse the invention and re-invention of the legend from 1919 onwards through memoirs, photos, films, paintings, biographies, and documentaries.

He will then contrast the legend with the biography of the man himself, focusing on key aspects of his early years and his character which equipped him to play – or to seem to play – a particular role in the Arab Revolt of 1916 to 1918.

In addition, Neil will review the numerous well-preserved archaeological remains of the conflict, mainly along the line of the former Hijaz Railway, which have been the subject of a ten-year programme of field research led by Neil and his close colleague Professor Nick Saunders.