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January News
Sunday 12 January 2020



Welcome to the January newsletter, the first in 2020 and the last letter I will write before my term as webmaster comes to an end on 1st February.  The new webmaster is John Brennan. 

 This month our lecturer is Anthony Rayworth and the lecture is about Classical Gardens: A New Perspective

 For the first time in history, the garden is able to accommodate elements and approaches from previous generations whilst ensuring that wider considerations such as ecology, sustainability and the encouragement of wildlife are placed at the forefront of any design decision making process.

 One consequence of such awareness is a new perspective on what exactly constitutes a garden, as a re-appraisal of aesthetics and responsibilities has led to innovation in both design methodology and planting combination. This talk illustrates and discusses the integration of contemporary garden considerations within traditional garden contexts and how both approaches are raised by association.

Anthony Rayworth holds a Master of Design Degree from the Royal College of Art, London and has over 30 years of international experience in interior design and garden design education.

He is a Freeman of the City of London, an Educator Member of the British Institute of Interior Design, an Educator Member of the Society of Garden Designers. He is also an Accredited Lecturer for The Arts Society with extensive experience in lecturing and speaking to a broad range of audiences.



 Over the summer period the new web site,, has been bought to life, and the site is now operational. Thank you to the members who have used the web site to assess the lectures.  Please carry on and please remember that the password has been changed to ‘Burns’.

The raffle prize for this month is a book ‘Remaking a Garden: The Laskett Transformed’ by Roy Strong.  Photos by Clive Boursnell.

Pat is currently planning her spring Special Interest Day, a visit to Raehills on 1st April 2020. Meanwhile Douglas is planning a trip to the Boarders early in May 2020; date and details will be announced shortly. 

Additional copies of 50 Treasures of Dumfries and Galloway remain available for sale at £4.00 to members.

 Finally, thank you all for making my 8 year term enjoyable and above all a pleasure.



Mike Wortley